April 23, 2016

About Us

Altic investment & consultancy Co. Ltd was incorporated in 2015, as a platform through which from our diverse range of business solutions, local and global entrepreneurs/ investors can get services to package their brilliant ideas, and efficiently venture in their respective fields. We take care of your non-core activities, to enable you focus on your core business.

We bring to the table a mix of Ambition, Loyalty, Timeliness & Truthfulness, Innovation and Integrity, Commitment & Consistency. All of which are geared towards serving our actual and potential clients diligently and effectively.


To offer entrepreneurs reliable and prudent consultancy services conveniently and affordably


To become the best sought consultancy firm offering quality and innovative services to entrepreneurs.


1.  Ambition

2.  Loyalty

3.  Truthful

4.  Innovation

5.  Commitment