April 23, 2016

Tax Accounting/Consultancy

Tax accounting will enable you keep track of your tax obligations and make the relevant remittances to the tax man on time to avoid fines and levies, leading to subsequent litigation issues. We do a holistic assessment of your business activities, Incomes, and Expenses from which we will ascertain your exact tax liability or tax refund as per the relevant tax laws and do all your statutory tax returns including: NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, VAT, WITH HOLDING TAX e.t.c

We also give advice on compliance to tax laws and regulations in Kenya and update you whenever changes happen. We also conduct tax health audits. Tax planning to take care of new regulations following up on Withholding Tax and Withholding VAT Periodical and annual tax compliance audits setting up your books such that all your tax obligations are well captured providing information and advice on VAT payable and VAT claimable.

Other services include:

  1. PIN & Tax compliance registration and follow up for new and existing tax payers.
  2. Taxation of rental income, remittance and online filling.
  3. Monthly tax online filling and remittance services for; VAT, PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, WITHHOLDING TAX, RENTAL INCOME e.t.c